who we are

We are a family company.

After 20 years of experience, we have more than enough experience in order to make our clients happy.

Our expertise covers web development, marketing, finance - in the web area.

As private persons, we moved to the country side and virtualized our business long before the current pandemia, which forces many people to work from home, over the internet.

Actually, we think that this is the "silver linen" of the dark cloud of the current crisis.

We made ourselves a little heaven with trees, roses and grass.

From here we work remotely for all our clients and with all their consultants - may they be from the Romania, Germany, France, India or any place on the planet that has an Internet connection.


what we do

Basically, if it's PHP

Custom-made software is our stong suite. We love to make web-based sofware that is difficult for others.

For a starter, we have our own proprietary platform, similar to most of the popular solutions, but more secure an more cusomizable.

If needed, we can adjust websites developed on other platforms, even if we do not like all of them.

Yet, what we really like to do is something challenging, something new

Lately, there is an increasease in punchout implementation, cXML or othewise. Yes, we can do that.

And inter-system implementation - well, that's what we really like. Connect a system to another system that connects to another system. This means bringing them to life.

Basically, we love to solve problems (that most webdevs can't)

Besides IT, since we try to have a larger view of the society we live in, we also developed an interest in agricultural matters: we are developing a small goat farm, a small cheese factory and we are also experimentally growing lemons, oranges and tangerines in a very green greenhouse, based on green energy (wind and solar).

We were talking about the future, right?





We believe in the future

As simple as that.

Yes, we know corporate values are almost the same, like Miss Universe: Peace and Prosperity for everybody (allthough it sounds a little bit like Spock)

Yes, peace is good, prosperity is good, but not good enough. Some of us want more.

We love all inventions and innovations.

We love to invoke the future.

We love to show our clients where the future is, and show them the way. in order to be there sooner than the competition.

As simple as that.


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14, street 19, Village Pavel, County Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria